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Thanks for coming to our May 29, 2015 Concert – “Kiwanis Rocks”

It’s a wrap, the final formal concert of our 20th Anniversary Season was a great success. “Kiwanis Rocks” was a tribute to our long time friends at the Kiwanis Club Kingsway Humber who have supported us for the past 20 years. The show was opened by one of our guest artists Matisse Blundell & her sister Maslin as they performed the “Concorde Fanfare”. We began the show with a latin tune “Lola Flores” followed by a number by a Band you’ve know for all these years, the Beatle’s “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. The “Harvey Rutledge Award” winner James Ty did a great job as he played Mr. Acker Bilks “Stranger on the Shore”. The first half ended with guest Matisse playing “Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto” sans music, a real treat by a rising star. We were privledged to have MPP Yvan Baker, Etobicoke Centre conduct the Band on “Basses on a Rampage”. Three of our members were featured, Helen Graham “A Northern Shore” & again with Barb Pauze in “Ringgold London Bridge”. Aki Suzuki skilled clarinet playing was featured in “Molly on the Shore”. Music Director/Conductor John Liddle performed a favourite tune of his “La Virgin De La Macarena” as a tribute to Johhny Cowell. We ended the show with something a bit different for us, Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” with a fantastic Bass/Drum intro by Bruce Griffin & Murray Lindo. The night was capped off with Matisse, her sister Maslin and members of our trumpet section playing the popular Leroy Anderson’s “Bugler’s Holiday” conducted by our own Dave Hills.

We want to thank each member of ECCB for their excellent talent and dedication to the Band, it couldn’t have happened without you. A big thank you goes out to our loyal audience members who have supported for these many years. We look forward to everyone joining us on Friday, Nov. 6, 2015 as we begin our 21st. season presenting “Great Music…Right in your own backyard!”concert_KiwanisRocks_may29-2015_poster